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A workaround for controlling an Arduino in Pure Data on a Raspberry Pi Raspbian Buster:

Arduino and Firmata

Install the Arduino IDE:

 $ sudo apt install arduino

Open the Arduino IDE as administrator:

 $ sudo arduino

Select in → Tools → Board and Port. The port looks something like: /dev/ttyUSB0
Open the Firmata program: → open → Firmata → StandardFirmata
And upload it!

Pure Data and Pduino

Install Pure Data

 $ sudo apt update
 $ sudo apt install puredata

Install the Externals

The comport external should be installed via the terminal:

 $ sudo apt install pd-comport

The other externals can be installed in Pure Data. Open Pure Data and in:
→ Help → Find Externals
Install: zexy, mapping, cyclone and pduino
The Pd external folder should look like that:

Set Path

In Pure Data → Preferences → Path set the paths for the zexy, mapping, cyclone and pduino libraries.
It might be /home/pi/pd/externals/….

Set for Startup

In Pure Data → Preferences → Startup set zexy (it will load on launch)
Restart Pure Data.