Small Energy Harvesting

I, Machine and Energy Harvesting

Vibration Energy Harvesting

With the piezoelectric effect Vibration Energy Harvesting can be done. Mechanical energy in the form of vibration or shock can be convert into electrical energy in using a piezo module.
I use the Mide PPA 1001 module bought by mouser:

Sparkfun - Energy Harvester LTC3588:

Solar Energy Harvesting

Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting

The Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting is done with the Seebeck effect, one phenomenon of the thermoelectric effect. A Peltier module can be used for that.

Symbiotic Synth

Symbiotic Synth - a low voltage oscillator that is powered as well as controlled by the human body.

Body Heat Energy Harvesting Device

The DC/DC converter LTC 3108 is ideal to output 3-5V.
Or one can use a module for the LTC3108 like that:

Power Outputs:

 1. Vout with selectable voltage and
 2. Vout2 which follows Vout in terms of voltage level

Jumper Setting:

 1+3 Vout = 5V
 1+4 Vout = 4.1V
 2+3 Vout = 3.3V
 2+4 Vout = 2.35V


 S - additional storage element
 V1 - Vout1, up to 5mA of output current
 V2 - Vout2, up to 300mA output current
 L - LDO
 G - Ground\\

Astable Multivibrator