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 ===== Small Energy Harvesting ===== ===== Small Energy Harvesting =====
-**I, Machine and Energy Harvesting**\\+Workshop "I, Machineand Energy Harvesting" with Mindaugas Gapševičius and Wolfgang Spahn as part of the exhibition [[http://​shared-habitats.eu/​|Shared Habitats]] at MO Museum, Vilnius, Lithuania.\\ 
 +Supported by [[https://​www.norden.org/​en/​funding-opportunities/​nordic-culture-point-culture-and-art-programme|Nordic Culture Point]].\\ 
 +In cooperation of [[http://​www.o-o.lt/​|Institutio Media]].
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    L - LDO    L - LDO
    G - Ground\\    G - Ground\\
 +Manual in:\\
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