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 ---- ----
-==== Frame for the Raspberry Pi HQ Camera ====+==== Raspberry Pi HQ Camera Protection ====
 12.May 2020\\ 12.May 2020\\
 [[frames:raspberry_pi_cam2_frame|Frame for the Raspberry Pi HQ Camera]]\\ [[frames:raspberry_pi_cam2_frame|Frame for the Raspberry Pi HQ Camera]]\\
-[[frames:raspberry_pi_cam2_frame||{{ :frames:20200512_174344_b.jpg?400 |}}]]\\ +[[frames:raspberry_pi_cam2_frame|{{ :frames:20200512_174344_b.jpg?400 |}}]]\\ 
-A 3D printed frame for the lates HQ Raspi Cam.\\+A 3D printed frame for the latest HQ Raspi Cam.\\
 ---- ----