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beyond the art by Wolfgang Spahn


light type ==================================================


When this board is connected to a hacked keyboard, you can type with a light LED.

Light Type

The board:


light type

The circuit:

light type

How to hack a keyboard

1. Open the keyboard house.

2. Take out the keyboard circuit board.

3. You will detect that the contacts of the matrix are covered with graphite. Use sandpaper and cutter to remove the graphite.

4. Those contacts are subdivided into two groups, one for each axe of the matrix. Turn on the keyboard and use your multi-meter to measure the polarity of the contacts.

5. Solder wires to some of those contacts.

6. By connecting one wire of each group to another wire of the other group you can find out which pair of contacts stands for which key (on your keyboard).

7. Connect one contact of the positive group to the positive contact of the Light Type board. Now connect four contacts of the negative group to the four negative contacts of the Light Type board, too. Make sure you use only those pairs which are matched by a letter.

8. Power the Light Type board and plug in the board of the keyboard into your computer.


The keyboard matrix of a Speed Link wireless keyboard (click it to enlarge):


And that's how an hacked board of a wireless keyboard looks like:

Hacked Keyboard

And that's how an hacked keyboard looks like, when it's build in a die with 6 tilt switch and IR LEDs:

Interactiv Die