Lenovo Rectangular Power Adapter to 5.5mm Round Jack

To use a Lenove Power supply together with my traveling solder station T12-642 I build a small TRIM adapter. The Lenovo power connector is called “TRIM Series connector” and my solder station needs a 5.5mm round jack power connector. So I needed a TRIM to 5.5 jack plug.

To adjust the power of the supply one has to put a resistor between the signal pin and ground. Because I need 100W I used a 1k resistor between the signal pin and the ground.

Resistance on Signal Pin:

power rating 	resistance
36 W 	        7,3 kΩ
45 W 	        120 Ω
65 W 	        280 Ω
90 W 	        550 Ω
135 W           1 kΩ
170 W           1.9 kΩ
230 W           4.6 kΩ 

The soldered adapter looks like that:

… and with some shrinking tube like that: