I2C over VGA

One can use the I2C bus from the VGA connector.

I2C on the VGA Connector

How to acces the I2C Bus:

or use the VGA Breakout Board.


A workaround for Arch Linux:

Add the I2C kernel module:

 $ sudo modprobe i2c-dev

Check your I2C devices:

 $ ls /dev/

You should find somthing like: i2c-0 i2c-1 i2c-2 …
Install the I2C tools:

 $ sudo pacman -S i2c-tools

or on Debian:

 $ sudo apt-get install -y i2c-tools

Find your device:

 $ i2cdetect -l

The result could look like:

  i2c-1	unknown   	i915 gmbus vga                  	N/A

Looking for an I2C device

 $ sudo i2cdetect -y 1

It should tell you the address of your I2C device.
Now you can comunicate to your devices with these commands:

 $ i2cget
 $ i2cset
 $ i2cdump


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