Kite Aerial Video

Still of Kite Airal Video in Poerto William, Chile 2018\\
Kite Airal Video (KAV) is basicaly the same like Kite Aerial Photography. One uses a kite to make videos instead of fotos from an aerial perspective. The technic is the same, just instead of a photo camera one attach a a video action camera. A gimbal could be quite handy to stabilize the picture.

Wolfgang Spahn's artwork Pattagonian Pattern based on footage shot with KAV in Puerto Williams, Chile in 2018.

The Kite

In Pattagonia, Chile in 2018 I used a HQ KAP foil 1.6 kite with a 100m flying line.


Here is my 3D picavet design:

And that's how to mount:

Camera & Gimbal

For the action camera I choose the Yi 4k plus and to get stabile footage I used the Yi gimbal, too.

The Project realized with supported by the Goethe Institute, Chile and the University of Magallanes Punta Arenas, Chile.


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