Digital Analog Converter - MCP4802/22

The MCP4802 is a dual 8-Bit Digital Analog Converter with SPI interface. The MCP4822 is the 12-Bit version.

MCP4802/22 datasheet

WiringPi and the MCP 4802

To connect the MCP 4802 to the Raspberry Pi connect the SPI pins of the MCP4802 like that:

 MCP4802       Raspberry Pi
  Vdd           5V
  CS            CE1
  SCLK          SCLK
  SDI           MOSI
  Vss           GND
  LDAC          GND

Before using the Wiring object enable the SPI interface in:

 $ sudo raspi-config

with Commandline

to output some voltage:

$ echo -ne "\x1F\xFF" > /dev/spidev0.1

with BCM2835 Library

with WiringPi