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der nulleffekt

Electric Intonarumori

31. July 2019
Electric Intonarumori - a noise-synth with beautiful feedback.

Symbiotic Synth

10. Apr. 2019
Symbiotic Synth - a low voltage oscillator that is powered as well as controlled by the human body.

PB202 MIDI to CV Update

15.Jan. 2019
I updated the Paper Bit 202 Midi to CV board. It has now 4 CV outputs and gives out the clock signal as a trigger sinal.

PB705 VCCC Voltage Controlled Chua Circuit

23.Jan. 2019
Chua's Oscillator for Paper Bits! PB705 VCCC Voltage Controlled Chua Circuit

VGA & Sound Blender

10.Dec 2018
The all purpose signal to VGA mixer: VGA & Sound Blender

RS232 Control

19. Oct 2018
A RS232 Controller for two Waveplayer8: RS232 Controller

PB808 Kick Drum

09. Oct 2018
The 808 Kick Drum for the Paper Bits is online!
PB808 Kick Drum

Pop Neuron 2

1.Sept 2018
New version the Pop Neurons:
Exitatory Pop Neuron 2
Inhibitory Pop Neuron 2

Confetti - An Analog Computer

15.Jan 2018
Confetti is a modular analog computing system.

Pop Neuron

12.Jan 2018
the Paper PCBs: Pop Neuron
the exhibition: Symbolic Grounding


12.Sept 2017
Keyboard-compatiblility for the Paper Bit:
the PB702 MIDI Synthesizer.

A simple Hat

12.Sept 2017 That simple Hat for an Raspberry Pi helps if one just needs some buttons and LEDs.

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