SAMD21 M0-Mini

An other Arduino clone based on the SAMD21G18 chip (ARM Cortex-M0+, 32bit, 48MHz), like the SparkFun SAMD21 Mini Breakout.
THis board could be used similar like the Arduino MKR ZERO and the Seeeduino XIAO.

All I/O Pins are 3.3V

To use the DAC and the PWM follow the manual of the Arduino MKR Zero.

A great description and general information about the SAMD21 one could find here: SpartkFun SAMD21 Overview


One has to install the Arduino SAMD boards. In tools/boards/boardmanager search and install the
Arduino SAMD Boards.

To upload a sketch one should choose in tools/boards “Arduino Zero (Native USB Port)” and the right port, too.


Two pins are wron labled on my version of the board. The D02 and D04 are mixed up.
There is no build in LED but pin 13 is corresponding to the BUILDIN_LED function.

Serial Wire Debug (SWD)



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